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Buying Local Wines
Strengthens our Communities
Cafe des Artistes has several wines from both The Port of Leonardtown Winery and Slack Winery on our wine list
(with most being available by the bottle AND glass!)
These wines have a personality all their own, very different from the big, bold, over-the-top styles you get from other areas like Napa.  Don't fall into the 'comparison' mode - Keep your mind and taste buds open for the sensual subtleness of Southern Maryland wines!  Continue to try them as the quality and standards of these locals wines are on the increase!

Remember that these winemakers live and work in our communities.  With every bottle of wine we purchase, every consumer should make 'supporting all aspects of  the local economy' an important factor in their decision-making.
Be sure to try our newest offering - Pineau de Charentes.  A sweet wine fortified with cognac!  This one is from Chef Loic's hometown.  A perfect aperitif before dinner or an amazing finish to a fine meal.
  Your choice on when and style:   2 oz. pour - only $5